If you have kids, you will certainly appreciate these SIX SIMPLE TIPS. I know they have worked for me and have alleviated a lot of frustration that existed in my little people’s lives (and mine).

Use hooks instead of hangers

Hangers have always caused mayhem in the closet. Jackets slide off, sweaters show bumps on the shoulders… and other hideous things. In short, kids have a hard time putting their winter gear in their closet using hangers. Instead of fighting about tidiness in the closet, make it easier for them (and yourself) by following this wonderful trick. Create a solution that it is perfect for their age and height. It can be fun and create a sense of pride by allowing them to keep their room clean.

Involve your kidlets with organizing

If you help them and inspire them to start organizing from a young age they will absolutely realize the importance of it and it will become like second nature to them. This will also prevent the stress of not being able to find things and it will afford them the opportunity to practice decision-making. Do not wait until they are out of their room and do it for them, give them the chance to co-create and have ownership of this, too. This will also clear up some time for yourself and empower your kids.

Create a visual day/activity chart

Kids activity chart

The fact that wee ones cannot read does not mean they will not be able to understand what’s coming next. Help your little ones by creating a routine chart so they can expect what is going to occur soon and it will also teach them about planning and foresight, and as an added bonus, it will help you from having to repeat yourself 2,654 times and will give them more stability.

Color-code their belongings

Whether it is backpacks, toothbrushes, scissors, or coats, color-coding will help everyone to identify their own stuff and will prevent fights or misunderstandings. Easy fix for property organization.

Nightly clean up

You do not have to spend a lot of time doing this but a designated 10 minutes is all you really need. After brushing our teeth and putting our PJ’s on, it’s a good idea to do a quick run around in the house to pick up the stuff that we left behind and placing it where it goes. It’s a good idea to also look at the day/activity chart to remind the little ones of the things we need to do the following day.


As I tuck my kids in bed and kiss them goodnight, I always ask them “what was your favorite part of today?” And have done that for a few years. This helps us all to go back to a mode of gratitude for what we accomplished or did (or did not do), and sets up the tone for a good mood in the morning and a great night sleep.

I hope you enjoyed these tips. Please share them so other families can also benefit from these.