This is an interview you certainly do not want to miss. Erika Harris grabs Luis and asks questions that have never been asked before. Luis opens up and shares from the heart.

The topics discussed:

*How Emancipated Human came to be, and its two main objectives
*Luis’ lifelong habit of excellence, and empowerment
*How his vision of service to humanity expanded
*The Sri Yantra, as a meditative tool to strengthen your mind’s focus and sight
*Balancing feminine and masculine energy
*Receiving the help your subconscious offers
*Time as an unreal construct, and our multi-dimensionality
*Using metaphysical devices for business success

Stay tuned for Part 2, where we get into Christ consciousness, conscious capitalism, MIRACLES! (yes, actual), transmutation, libertarianism, STANDING FOR LOVE, and more.

See the video here.