One of the individuals I have been wanting to interview is Roger Ver, the Bitcoin Jesus. He has been such an icon in the crypto community and has been both loved and misunderstood. Personally, I think the man is a genius that has been able to evangelize a large amount of people on the benefits of Bitcoin and how it can bring the power of the state to the ground and at the same time empower individuals around the world.

Knowing that now my friend Sterlin Lujan works with Roger, I contacted Sterlin asking him to see if he’d do me a favor and get me in touch with Roger to do an interview. Sterlin said that Roger was happy to do it and we started emailing shortly after.

This is a short interview you’ll enjoy where we talk about the following things

  • Anarchy (of course) and how he became a voluntaryist.
  • 101 stuff. What is Bitcoin Core and the difference between it and Bitcoin Cash.
  • People getting in on BTC to make money vs. to disrupt the status quo.
  • Why BCH was created. (I love this part)
  • The release of a BCH Visa card!
  • What’s happening currently with the the value of BTC and BCH. How BTC is being
  • manipulated and has artificial floors, etc.
  • What inspires him.

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