Everyone has experienced the little bug in their minds called wanderlust… and often times we day-dream about it but we think we could never make it because traveling is expensive. Let me tell you this, it is always about prioritizing what you spend your money on and I’ll give you a quick example: I have not had cable television for 15 years or really spent a lot of money going out to eat. I like to funnel those funds towards experiences, and we are seeing this trend expanding more broadly as time goes on, people are spending more money on experiences than things.

Expats’ guide to making a living abroad

If you have every desired to travel but haven’t due to lack of funds this short guide may give you more than inspiration, it may be the thing you were looking for to help you do the leap.

We at Emancipated Human value freedom and we look for ways to bring more of that into our lives and this guide, we hope, will allow many of you to learn what it is like to be abroad, travel, and expand your horizons.

Michael Bach wrote this guide for us. He is a partner at Emancipated Human and a great entrepreneur and great at building networks. And his experience is not an isolated case.

In Liberty,
Luis Fernando Mises