A healthy work environment is key for the efficiency and success of any company. Regardless of your position being it boss, owner or worker , we can all collaborate and try to implement most of them, since the creation of a good work environment favors both the results of the company and the psychological well-being of the people who work there.

Here are just a few things that can easily be incorporated into a workplace to achieve a healthy work environment:

Create a climate of respect.

This is the most important point. We must all try to create a harmonious environment in which tolerance is the key element within all the different branches and levels.

Cooperate instead of competing.

When we are part of a team we must be aware that we all work towards a common goal. Therefore, complicity, cohesion and above all cooperation are the main ingredients to improve personal relationships and and, the results of our efforts.

Promote autonomy.

When employees have their own responsibilities in their work and are encourage to think and act they will automatically get more involved and care more about their work. They will understand that their actions and opinions are important and relevant.

Help family conciliation.

Work is an important part of our lives but it can not completely condition our personal life. As a company we can carry out several actions such as giving the option of more flexible hours or schedules based around schools and so on.

Have empathy.

All workers, and even the leader, can have complicated personal situations and we should have enough empathy to understand their situation and understand the possible consequences.

Build a pleasant physical space.

We spend many hours a day inside the office, so we must try to have these places well lit, ventilated etc. In addition, the organization, cleanliness and comfort should be taken care of in detail, as they will affect the emotional state and productivity of employees.


Choose a good leader that knows the potential of your employees and knows how to communicate with them. It is important that their work and efforts are recognized and appreciated. It is also important for the leader to be able to give and take feedback be it good or bad and act on it.

Room for growth.

It is also important that the employers does not feel stuck in a job. This can be achieved by showing them that there is room for growth, improvement and advancement over time. This can be a great motivational factor. You can also offer training to employers in order for them to pick up new skills, increase their value and proficiency in their work day.

Thank you for reading! I would love to hear your opinions and tips in the comments below!